Many School Headsets are Being Used as Call Center Headsets During the Pandemic

School Headphones Offer A Viable Solution to Call Centers During the Pandemic

As technology has taken over every aspect of our daily lives, students have begun using headsets and headphones in a variety of ways. These tools are an important part of learning, being used in lectures during silent study hours, and helping kids recount what they’ve learned and focus on their homework when they are not in school. Last spring, when most of the country’s students were sent home, they had to adapt to distance learning, primarily through online channels. Many companies craft headsets specifically to the needs of these students, making them comfortable and durable at the same time.

In a call center, employees who work on phones have many of the same needs as students, and now they have the extra necessity of requiring highly sanitized workspaces. Accordingly, many companies have chosen to replace headphones more frequently, and they are turning to school headphones. Employees need equipment with good sound quality in order to enhance the clarity of each phone call. Most calls are recorded for training purposes, and to have a record of all customer service interactions. Providing employees with quality equipment not only enhances the customer service experience, but it also makes it easier to hear the call played back if needed. High-quality microphones are also important on the other end of the call since the clients need to be able to hear their representative clearly.

In some places, face masks may be required in the office, but they muffle sounds and make it difficult for customers on the other end of the phone to hear. So when they do return to work, call center employees may not be able to wear masks and effectively perform their jobs. When they know that their headphones are being replaced more frequently and sanitized regularly, they feel more confident returning to work. Choosing a durable pair works well for the company too. It is important for a set of headphones to withstand frequent cleaning without deteriorating. Actions like these are key to keeping employees safe without sacrificing their level of customer service.

School headphones can be bought in bulk since they are made to be used by multiple students across school districts. They are durable enough to be used daily and offer comfort and clear sound. With a variety of styles from which to choose, a company can find the one that works best for their needs. It is a cost-effective solution to making sure that call center employees are comfortable returning to work and that they can be safe in their environment.

By offering school headphones to call center employees, each office can become a more clean and lively environment. Employees will feel safe enough to relax and do their jobs, and customers will still receive quality service.