Top School Headsets for 2023

It feels like summer was just here, but believe it or not, fall, and a new school year, is well underway! This year, teachers and parents have more educational technology (edutech) options available than ever before. Here are some of the most sought-after models of school headsets to enhance students’ learning experiences as they dive into a new year of learning via educational apps, videos, audiobooks, games and more. 

AVID Education AE-25 Early Learner (PreK-2) Headset With Safe Volume

A blue headphones with a microphone

It’s never too early to introduce students to technology in the classroom with the use of school headsets like the AE-25! Designed for young learners, these headsets come equipped with safe volume controls, lightweight and soft padded construction for comfortable use without fidgeting, and the SideKick feature which allows for easy storage of the boom microphone. With their safe and durable design, these headphones are a valuable companion for early childhood educators.


Cyber Acoustics AC-5812 Stereo Headset with USB and 3.5mm Connectivity

In need of adaptable school headsets that are compatible with various devices? This high-quality stereo headset includes a detachable 4-barrel 3.5mm jack and audio cable, adding to its versatility for use with smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. With a noise-canceling boom mic that can be positioned on either side, the AC-5812 is the perfect choice for students of all ages. Plus, with a starting price of just $22.99, these versatile, high-quality headsets are popular with teachers and parents who don’t want to break the bank.


HamiltonBuhl Motiv8 TRRS Classroom Headset with Gooseneck Mic and In-line Volume Control

Ideal for budget-conscious classrooms, these lightweight school headsets are a top choice for both comfort and performance. Boasting in-line volume controls, an adjustable padded headband, and a steel-reinforced gooseneck microphone, the Motiv8 offers versatile features that guarantee durability and value. Notably, it comes equipped with the exclusive Dura-Cord™—a robust PVC jacketed nylon cord specially designed to withstand even the busiest of little fingers without any damage or tangles. Elevate your listening centers and language labs for the upcoming school year with these innovative headsets.




You can’t put a price tag on the personalized learning experience your students get from independent study with educational technology geared toward their individual learning styles and pace. However, thanks to the affordability of these headsets, price won’t be an issue. Get ready to watch your students thrive this school year with these top picks for the best school headsets in 2023!