What Are Chromebook Carts?

For over a decade, Chromebooks have been the go-to option for school-use laptop computers. Their user-friendly operating system and highly affordable price point makes them a standout choice for schools looking to purchase computers for classroom use. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down traditional classroom learning for over a year between 2020 and 2021, schools across the country pivoted to a remote-learning model that required every student to have access to a working computer. Many schools purchased enough Chromebooks for the entire student body in order to accommodate this demand and ensure that all students had an equal opportunity to learn from home.

Now that children and teenagers are back in person at school, the Chromebooks they checked out for home use are back at school, too. Teachers continue to issue Chromebooks for daily use for research, educational programs, and more. With literally hundreds of Chromebooks on a school campus each day, it is vital to ensure they are safely and securely stored when not in use. That’s where Chromebook carts come in.


What is a Chromebook cart?

Whether your school has a Chromebook for every student enrolled or a single class set that rotates from classroom to classroom, it is critical to have a way to keep them protected against damage and theft while also making them easily transportable for communal use. A Chromebook cart accomplishes all this and more.

Cart models like the Anywhere Cart AC-30 keep Chromebooks or tablets organized and safe with removable device dividers. Numbered shelf strips allow school administrators to assign specific numbers to devices to facilitate an easy and convenient system for student checkout. The compact design and swiveling casters simplify the process of transporting Chromebooks from classroom to classroom. Best of all, the cart is designed to charge all devices being stored inside, ensuring a full battery charge with each use.

Using a Chromebook cart to transport electronic devices from room to room and store them securely when not in use is a game-changer for school administrators across the country. While not every district may have the ability to purchase a Chromebook for every student enrolled, the use of a cart to transport and store class sets of devices can help level the playing field and ensure that each student in your school gets an opportunity to learn with technology.

By investing in a cart to hold Chromebooks, tablets, and other student-use electronics, you can be sure that they will stay well-protected, organized, and fully charged to assist with another day of learning and fun!