Advantages of Buying Headphones in a Class Pack

What could be better than looking out at your students’ engaged faces as they focus intently on the lesson you are teaching? What if the classroom was completely silent and distraction-free, giving both you and your students the ability to concentrate on the task at hand? Thanks to headphones, this dream can be a reality! If you’re looking to incorporate more multisensory, interactive experiences into your lesson plans but don’t want to deal with the possibility of a noisy, distracting free-for-all, headphones can be a teacher’s best friend.

But purchasing 30 sets of school headphones for class use has got to be super expensive, right? There’s no way that much equipment is going to fit into the school budget, and you may not be willing or able to come out of pocket for a major expense. What to do?

Good news—school headphone manufacturers understand that it’s not always feasible for schools to afford large quantities of classroom listening equipment, which is why we proudly offer astounding bulk purchase rates. Buying bulk headsets or headphones for school classrooms doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some of the top reasons you should look into buying bulk headphones for your classroom for the coming school year.

Top Quality in a Necessary Quantity

We often get asked, “If these headphones are getting shipped in bulk quantities for such a low price, does that mean they are low quality?” We can totally see how you might jump to that conclusion; however, we assure you that the low price of bulk headphones doesn’t affect the sound quality or comfort of the product. For instance, the AVID Education AE-35 is one of the most popular bulk-purchased headphones, and when you experience the quality of each set, you won’t believe the low price. Featuring ultra-comfortable lightweight mid-size ear cups, a 6-foot long braided Nylon cord built for durability, and great sound quality, the AE-35 is an amazing option for individual student use. Starting at just $8.49 per unit when purchased in bulk quantities of 500 or more, these headphones are ideal for students in all grades. AVID has also made their new AE-55 and AE-75 headsets available in case pack quantities of 30.

Keeping it Clean

Due to the events of the past two years, it is more important than ever for schools to adhere to rigorous cleaning and sanitation practices to keep everyone safe and healthy. This extends beyond cleaning and sanitizing high-touch surfaces, such as cafeteria tables or desktops. Where it was once acceptable to allow multiple students per day to use a single set of shared headphones, this is no longer the case. Purchasing bulk disposable headphones or earbuds is an easy and convenient way to ensure that each student has a sanitary, safe listening experience. The ENC-06 Stereo disposable headphones are individually packaged and can be used multiple times by the same student. Starting as low as $1.09 per set, they are an ideal way to eliminate the need for cleaning and sanitizing headphones multiple times per day without compromising student safety.

If you haven’t considered the possibilities of purchasing enough headphones for each student in your school because you thought it would be cost-prohibitive, it’s time to take a look at bulk headsets or headphones for school classrooms. Get ready to kick your interactive learning game into high gear!