How Can Headsets Benefit Your High School Students?

a group of people wearing headphones

School headsets have been utilized in high school classrooms across the country for literal decades, for a variety of lessons, testing applications, listening centers, language labs and more. However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent need to pivot to remote learning in 2020 made the use of school headsets even more of a necessity. Now that students are back in the classroom, a number of teachers still find the use of school headsets highly beneficial. School headsets can be an excellent educational resource for high school-age learners, with a myriad of benefits ranging from increased focus to elevated hearing protection. Here are some of the top benefits of incorporating school headsets into your high school classroom.

A Big Boost in Focus

Students obviously need focus to learn; however, the average classroom environment can be distracting (more on that next). By allowing high school students to wear headsets while they’re learning, they can increase their focus on the lesson at hand while minimizing outside distraction. Studies have shown students who are able to increase their focus not only learn faster but also don’t become as mentally fatigued due to the lack of distractions around them. In addition, increased focus helps students stay on task, and can help them retain information.

Distraction-Free Zone

Remember high school? Between side conversations with your friends and staring at your crush in the front row, there can be a number of distractions making it tough to keep your mind on what you’re supposed to be learning. Now add in ambient noises ranging from coughing to the general noises of rustling, writing or phone notification beeps, and you can see why it might be hard to stay on task. School headsets allow high school students to tune out all of this extra noise and focus on their studies rather than worrying about any noise or chatter. 

Reduced Classroom Noise Levels

Classrooms aren’t only noisy for students; they’re also a headache for teachers. Almost everyone in the teaching profession experiences at least one student who feels the need to vocalize during lessons per class, in addition to the general noisiness that comes with teaching teens. By allowing high school students to wear headsets to assist in learning, teachers can ensure their students are learning in a quiet, less distracting classroom while maintaining classroom control themselves.

The Bottom Line

School headsets can be a valuable learning tool that promotes learning, provides a higher quality learning environment, lowers stress, and numerous other benefits for students and teachers alike. Available in a variety of sizes, styles, and price points to ensure there is an ideal set for every student, school headsets are a must-have for any high school classroom!