Teachers Reveal Their 5 Favorite School Headsets

When it comes to knowing which school equipment offers the best value for the price, it’s hard to beat teachers. Not only do K-12 teachers know what their students need to succeed in everyday lessons as well as school testing, but they also have plenty of experience with the comfort, quality, and durability different brands of these materials bring to their classroom.

School headsets, for example, are school supplies that vary greatly in terms of price and style. Thanks to some trial and error, not to mention good old-fashioned know-how about how students behave and learn, teachers definitely have an opinion on which school headsets give you the biggest bang for your buck. Here are the top 5 models of school headsets that educators say are at the top of their game:

AVID AE-36 – Available in a variety of colors, this headset will allow students to learn while also expressing their personalities. The headset and the speaker are controlled from one jack, making them less bulky and easier to carry. The AVID AE-36 school headset works with a variety of computers and tablets, including Chromebooks, without the need for extra attachments, and the sound quality makes it easy for a student to hear the instructor.

HamiltonBuhl Smart-Trek Deluxe Stereo ST2BK – Students who prefer a headset that envelops the ear and cancels noise will love this headset. It offers excellent sound quality with adjustable volume, which is perfect for at home students with multiple teachers. This headset is adjustable, making it perfect for a classroom setting, as it can be used by students of all sizes. It is durable too, with the ability to withstand multiple uses.

Cyber Acoustics AC-204 – Made with VoIP and gamers in mind, this headset is great for distance learners who need to use the headset for most of the day. It features noise-canceling headphones, which makes it easier for kids in busy households to hear their teachers, and it can be used with a variety of computers, phones, and tablets.

Soundnetic SN250M – A lightweight option, the Soundnetic Disposable headset is affordable and perfect for cleaning standards. This headset is designed for personal use, so students can get a pair for their own use. The stereo speakers make it easy to hear audio, and the headset is compatible with many different tablets, phones, and computers. Students don’t have to share them, making them great for Covid protocols.

ThinkWrite Ultra Durable TW210 – Made to withstand multiple uses from students of all types, this headset is a must-add to your classroom wish list. Its microphone cancels out noise, making it perfect for teachers who like to record their lessons, or students who like using voice notes to study for tests. Another feature of this headset is that it was designed for iPads and Chromebooks.

With so many durable and affordable models of school headphones available, students from all backgrounds and situations can find the ideal environment for test-taking, homework, distance learning, and more. As you begin to plan for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year, be sure to shop around for the best school headsets for your students.