Must-Have Tech Tools for a Successful School Testing Season

All across America, teachers in elementary, middle, and high school grades are gearing up to administer annual standardized tests to their students. After months of preparation, it’s time for your students to showcase all they’ve learned this school year. Help your students shine this year and achieve success on their school tests with these essential items.

High-Quality Headsets

In order for students to do their best on school tests, they need to be able to hear the questions clearly. That’s why it’s important to get headphones and headsets for school classrooms with good volume controls. There are a few things to look for when choosing headsets for testing. First, make sure the headsets have good sound quality so that students can hear the questions clearly. Second, look for headsets that are comfortable to wear so that students can focus on the test and not on how uncomfortable the headset is. Finally, make sure the headsets have a good fit so that they don’t fall off during the test. With these things in mind, you should be able to find headphones that will work well for school testing.

Our pick: Cyber Acoustics AC-5008 USB Stereo Headset – from $21.99

Mighty Microphones

In addition to being able to hear test questions correctly, students need to be able to record voice responses that are easily recognized by the testing program. A muffled, garbled, or indistinct response is likely to get marked incorrect, even if the student answers correctly. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your students’ headsets are equipped with quality microphones. 

Our pick: HamiltonBuhl Smart-Trek USB Headset with Microphone – from $18.95

Kid-Friendly Comfort

For younger students, it’s essential to provide listening equipment that they won’t want to take off during school tests. After all, it can be extremely difficult to sit still and listen to test questions for lengthy periods of time, even with lots of breaks. Providing comfy headsets for little ears is one way to help your students maintain focus during school testing. Look for durable headsets that are designed with comfort in mind without sacrificing quality. Believe it or not, they exist—and they’re actually pretty affordable!

Our pick: AVID Products AE-25 Early Learner (PK-2) Headset/Headphone with Safe Volume – from $18.95

School testing season can be daunting for teachers and students alike, but it doesn’t have to be! Get ready to put your students’ knowledge to the test and help them do their best by ensuring they have the right equipment to help them succeed on their standardized assessments this school year.