Stay Powered Up All Year With These School Headphone Storage and Charging Solutions

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As technology becomes increasingly prevalent in K-12 schools, the demand for secure storage solutions that also function as charging stations is also on the rise. Chromebook charging carts and other reliable storage choices are becoming more frequent in American classrooms. We’ve compiled the top strategies utilized by knowledgeable elementary, middle, and high school teachers for storing and charging school headsets, earbuds, laptops, tablets, and more.

It’s in the bag

Using storage bags is an easy way to organize headphones, prevent them from getting lost, and eliminate shared equipment concerns in classrooms that assign headphones to students to use throughout the year. Using a Sharpie pen, write student names on clear, resealable bags so that students know which headphones belong to them. Colored bags can be used to assign headphones to different classes or classrooms.

Just in case

You can store your school headphones in specialized storage cases to keep them secure and organized as a class set or to use them for specific labs, stations, or curriculums. There are a number of class packs that include both the headphones and a case or bag, keeping everything in one place for easy, convenient storage.

Rack it up

In case you have a lot of headphones that need to be stored, headphones storage racks are a good option for your classroom, library, or computer lab. They are available in a variety of sizes, so you can pick one that fits your desired space. Worried about your budget? Try this hack: placing a few tension bars (designed to hold shower curtains) inside a closet can be an excellent and inexpensive alternative to a dedicated storage rack.

Best Buds

For students who want to keep their earbuds safe and organized, individual school earbud cases are a good choice. Large quantities of earbuds stored in a case can result in cords tangled and wasted time detangling them. To store student earbuds in the classroom, use hooks or a bar to hang earbuds, or use small resealable plastic bags with their names written on them with Sharpie.


Additionally, you need to think about how to charge and be ready to use your classroom technology equipment between uses in addition to safely storing it. If you plan on using wireless Bluetooth headphones and headsets, it’s important to ensure they are fully charged before you use them. Here are some tips on how to do that.

A device charging cart, cabinet or station, or rolling charge stand can double as a USB charger for headphones if they come with a USB cable. Some devices even come with a wireless charging dock that automatically charges headphones when placed on it.

When you know how to properly store, charge, and organize your headphones, earbuds, and more, you can increase the amount of listening-based activities you do with your class, which can lead to a fun, interactive learning environment!