Kid-Tested, Teacher-Approved: Check Out These Top School Headsets

K-12 students these days are very lucky, though they may not know it. Every day, they are benefiting from the amazing technological advances that work together to make learning an immersive, personalized experience.

Of course, none of this technology is worth much if we don’t have the right tools to access it. For that reason, it’s essential to furnish your classroom with high-quality school headsets for your students to use with learning platforms, media, testing and more.Here are some school headsets that teachers say are their favorites for making learning fun and engaging without breaking the bank. 

AVID Education AE-36 Classroom Computer Stereo Headset

The performance and quality you want at the affordable price point you need…all in one! When it comes to high-quality school headsets, the AE-36 does it all at a value price. This school headset features a comfort-padded, adjustable headband, gooseneck microphone, and 6-foot cord for compatibility with most devices with a standard headphone jack. The AE-36 is a great choice for students of all ages. Watch videos, listen to podcasts, take tests and more, all in a comfortable, distraction-free environment, thanks to these wonders!


AVID Education AE-75 Deluxe Over-Ear Classroom Computer Stereo Headset TRRS Plug

Keep your interactive learning sessions on track with this deluxe and easy-to-maintain school headset. Designed for older students, the AE-75 is ideal for enhancing communication and listening skills. With its top-notch sound quality, this superior school headset ensures both comfort and durability. Its deluxe design boasts plush padding that encircles the ears, providing long-lasting comfort, along with exceptional noise reduction for uninterrupted concentration. The noise-canceling boom mic captures audio one inch from the user’s mouth to deliver superior speech clarity. 


AVID AE-55 Black and Silver Headphone with Microphone and USB 2.0 Plug

The AE-55 is an ideal choice for educators in need of a USB-compatible school headset that enhances concentration and reduces distracting sounds. These headphones are simple to maintain, and can be safely stored in a Chromebook cart after every use. They are also built to last and offer excellent functionality at a competitive cost. Designed for ambidexterity, the AE-55 features a bi-directional boom mic. Its in-line volume control allows even young students to easily operate it. The AE-55 has received top accolades at both the Tech & Learning Best Remote Learning Tools and ISTE 2020 Best of Show awards for its superior design and performance. 

These high-quality headsets are perfect for in-person or remote learning, no matter what your budget is. If you’re putting together a second-semester wish list for your principal or school administrator, be sure to include a class set of these school headset models so you can take learning to the next level!