How to Care for Your Acer Chromebook Headsets

Good news for students, parents, and teachers using Acer Chromebook computers for online learning or remote work- it’s hard to find laptops that are more user-friendly, easier to take care of, or offer a better value!

Ready to take your Acer Chromebook experience to the next level? Adding a set of school headphones can make all the difference for people who need a distraction-free environment for maximum focus during remote learning sessions or online meetings for work. By incorporating an affordable and durable set of school headphones optimized for your Acer Chromebook computer, you can optimize your at-home performance without missing a single beat.

But it gets even better. Caring for your Acer Chromebook headset is as easy as using them! Here’s what we recommend.

  • Store at room temperature- extremely high or low temperatures are not good for your school headphones and can harm their performance
  • Avoid yanking on the cord of your headphones to unplug it from your device. This can cause it to fray, which poses a safety concern as well as a potential performance issue.
  • Bundle the cord for your school headphones when they are not in use. Loop into a loose figure-8 and secure with a twist tie or clip. (Helpful hint: The little plastic ties that come on loaves of packaged bread make perfect cord-bundlers!)
  • Take care not to spill any beverages or liquids on your school headphones.
  • Give your school headphones a quick wipe-down every now and then with a damp cloth with a little mild dish soap. Be sure not to submerge your Acer Chromebook headset or its cord in water.
  • If your school headphones are used by multiple people, disinfect often with special disinfectant wipes optimized for electronic devices.
  • Depending on the make and model of your school headphones, you may be able to replace the ear tips or cushions as needed. Try to avoid using earbuds with damaged or missing cushion tips, as this can harm your ears.
  • For earbuds, use a small brush, like a mascara brush or old toothbrush, to dislodge small particles or bits of dirt and grime from inside the meshed areas. A cotton swab will also work for this.

By following these tips for care and storage, your school headphones should remain working like new over the course of their lifetime! Be sure to treat your school headphones as carefully as you would treat your Acer Chromebook itself, and you can’t go wrong.