How to Clean Your Classroom Headphones

If you’re a teacher, librarian, or other children’s education professional, you already know that keeping your classroom clean and free of germs is one of the most time-consuming tasks you face all day, even in a normal school year! With the addition of COVID-19 safety guidelines, it can be even more daunting to figure out how to effectively clean a shared space in order to help keep kids and your fellow teachers safe. For example, how do you clean sensitive electronics, such as school headphones, in a way that is both safe and effective? Read on for some excellent germ-busting tips!

Headphone Cleaning Spray
That’s right- they actually make a dedicated cleaning spray for school headphones! This non-toxic spray is specially designed to keep a classroom set of headphones clean and fresh for student use throughout the school year. Free from ammonia, alcohol, and other harsh chemicals, it’s a safe and effective spray that can be used to clean school headphones after each student use.

Disposable Headphone Covers
Did you know there was such a thing as headphone covers? There is, and it’s a great way to protect against germs in your classroom! These single-use, sanitary cloth covers slide over the school headphones’ earpieces to protect against the buildup of dirt, oils, and grime. They’re easy to take off and slip on, making them a great choice for school headphones that get a lot of use from various students each day.

UV Sterilizer Tool
If disposable covers that need to be replaced with each use aren’t in your school’s budget, there’s still a safe, effective, and relatively easy way to ensure that your classroom headphones stay clean- invest in a UV sterilizer! This tool uses ultraviolet light to eliminate 99.9 percent of all the icky stuff that can be found in a classroom.

Disposable Headphones
Of course, instead of purchasing single-use headphone covers, you could also just go ahead and buy school headphones that are disposable themselves! Disposable headphones or earbuds are available in a broad range of styles and save education professionals a great deal of time by not having to wipe down headphones or replace disposable headphone covers after each use.

However you choose to keep your school headphones clean, it is vital that you make sure the classroom headphones you use are sanitary and germ-free for each child or teen who uses them in a day. By helping to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria with the use of clean headphones, you are helping to keep your students and staff healthy for the rest of the school year!