How to store headphones for school classrooms

Storing your school-appropriate headphones for students is a smart move. Keeping them organized and away from potential accidents means that your students are more likely to get them out of their ears when they have something else on, like listening to music. Whether it’s a pair of cheap earbuds or a high-end pair, keeping them in one place helps them stay put and out of reach of any curious children.

Once you’ve decided how to store headphones for school classrooms, there are a few considerations that you should make before placing the earbuds and other classroom audio devices in the appropriate spots. The first thing to consider is the placement of the headphones themselves.

If you’re putting them in a shelf or corner in your classroom environment, try to avoid placing them too close to a wall or other area that could cause a puncture or dent. If you must place them in an open space, put them so that they are at least four to six inches away from other objects that could cause the headphones to be dislodged.

Avoid storing them near light switches, televisions, or any source of loud music or noise. It’s not a good idea to put them anywhere near anything that could break their seals.

It can be tempting to put your school headphones in classroom environments. However, the space around your headphones can cause more harm than good. They can be knocked off of shelves and racks or even fell on students who may be trying to play a game or use a pencil.

Keep in mind that placing them in a drawer, on top of a desk, or in a storage bin are all options you can choose when placing them in your classroom. If your kids aren’t used to keeping their headphones close to them, consider making them familiar with how to keep their headphones in their designated spaces.

One great way to learn how to store headphones for school classrooms is by placing them in a locked box. This can be a great way to secure them away from others’ reach. Try to position it as far away from your students as possible so that no one will accidentally reach in and grab them.

As an alternative, if you can’t get the earbud packaging away from students, keep a pair of earbuds in the office of your school’s safety officer. Keep them close by to prevent students from sneaking a peek, but don’t allow them to be immediately visible. They’ll likely spend more time searching for them if they can see them.

When you put the headphones away, it’s a good idea to cover them with a bag that you’ve designated as a classroom audio devices. A purse works well, as does a desk organizer. Using these in a student’s classroom can work best if they are easy to hide when the headphones aren’t in use.

Having the headphones on the table in the room where the students’ study is another option. Putting them in this location may seem difficult at first, but it can make it much easier for the students to get in on the right side or to leave it on the desk where they can listen to the headphones without being able to touch it. Don’t let them touch the headphones when they’re in the classroom, though, as it can create a distraction.

Finally, when a student is studying and trying to get the headphones to stick in their ears, they can pull the cord and the headphones out by themselves. If you do that often, it might make the headphones much easier to store. Keep a pair of cords at hand for emergencies, and make sure they are placed on a high shelf or drawer so that they can’t easily be reached.

In terms of safety, placing the headphones in storage units is a good idea, but you don’t want to leave them in a drawer for very long periods of time. Storing them in locked boxes that are off limits to students is a good option.