Popular Headsets for the 2022-2023 School Year

Happy New (School) Year! For teachers, students and parents alike, the start of a brand new school year is an exciting time filled with hope and possibility. This year, we have an additional cause for celebration—this school year is shaping up to be the most normal one we’ve experienced since 2020. Kids are back to in-person learning, and the opportunities for achievement and success are limitless!

Of course, what we learned during our pivot to remote learning wasn’t all bad. One major takeaway from the pandemic that we plan to keep using in our classrooms is the increase in focus that a headset can offer for a student. In order to ensure that your class is able to learn in a distraction-free environment no matter how noisy their surroundings are, here are some of our favorite school headsets to enhance your students’ learning experience.


AVID Education AE-36 Classroom Computer Stereo Headset

The performance and quality you want at the affordable price point you need…all in one! When it comes to a high-quality school headset, the AE-36 covers all the bases without breaking the bank. Equipped with a comfort-padded, adjustable headband, gooseneck microphone, and a 6-foot cord, this school headset is compatible with any device that features a standard headphone jack. A great and affordable choice for any age student. Listen to podcasts, watch videos, take tests, and more with the AE-36.


AVID AE-55 Black and Silver Headphone with Microphone and USB 2.0 Plug

For teachers looking for a school headset that will connect to a device via USB, the AE-55 is a great option for noise reduction and improved focus. These easy-to-clean headphones can be stored in a Chromebook cart after each use and offer durability and dependability for a competitive price. With a bi-directional boom mic, the AE-55 is designed for ambidextrous use. In-line volume control makes it easy and convenient for even the youngest learners to operate. Best of all, its quality design and performance earned the AE-55 top honors at the Tech & Learning Best Remote Learning Tools and ISTE 2020 Best of Show awards.


AVID Education AE-75 Deluxe Over-Ear Classroom Computer Stereo Headset TRRS Plug

Developed to strengthen communication and listening for older students, the AE-75 offers a superior sound quality experience without sacrificing comfort or durability. This deluxe school headset model features luxurious padding that surrounds the ear for extended comfort while also maximizing noise reduction for distraction-free focus. A noise-canceling boom mic pinpoints sound one inch from the wearer’s mouth for superior quality when speaking. This deluxe, easy-to-clean school headset is a must-have for any interactive learning experience.


No matter what your budget, you can start the school year off right with these high-quality headsets perfect for in-person or remote learning scenarios.