Preparing Your Classroom for In-Person and Remote Learning

A brand-new school year is upon us, and there’s an excellent chance that it will be the most normal-looking one in a couple of years! However, as much as we’d rather not think about it, there’s always a possibility of having to pivot to remote learning once more, and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. As you get ready to welcome students back to school this fall, make sure to stock your classroom with these must-haves for both in-person and remote learning.

Classroom Headphones

Give your students a distraction-free learning environment with a class set of quality headphones or headsets. Perfect for listening centers, language labs, computer labs, and more, having enough headphones on hand for each student in your class can allow you to maintain a sanitary and organized listening experience. Take a look at the variety of classroom headphones that can be purchased in bulk for added affordability.

Disinfectant Wipes

For everyday cleaning and sanitation of tabletops, desks, and other high-touch surfaces, there’s nothing as convenient and effective as disinfectant wipes! These hospital-grade wipes can also be used to sanitize your classroom headphones and protective cases for tablets and laptops, giving you peace of mind that your students are well protected against viruses and bacteria with every use.

Disposable Headphones

For educators who prefer to skip the daily sanitation process, disposable headphones may be your best bet! Purchase disposable headphones in bulk to ensure each student has their own pair. Best of all, while they can be used multiple times, the single-use nature of disposable headphones means a lot less stress if they get broken or lost. Check out these disposable headphone and earbud models to find the best fit for your student’s needs.


With all that expensive technology in your classroom, you want to protect your investment! Purchasing cases for your class set of tablets and laptops can help you make sure nothing happens to them during use. Here are some of the top cases for Chromebooks, tablets, and other school AV equipment.

Chromebook Carts

Prefer to skip the individual cases and invest in something a bit bigger? Chromebook carts can be a teacher’s best friend! These handy carts offer storage, protection, and charging capability all in one while keeping your classroom tech organized and ready to use. 

Getting prepared is your first step toward a great school year, both for you and your students! Wishing you an amazing year!