Should Kids Bring Their Own Headsets to School?

Summer is here, and a whole new school year is right around the corner! The good news this year is that school is anticipated to look a lot more like we remember it for the 2021-22 school year, with students returning to full-time in-person learning in most school districts.

However, until a COVID-19 vaccine is authorized for use in children under the age of 12, teachers and school administrators are still going to need to remain vigilant about taking preventive measures to help minimize the spread of the virus among elementary school-age students. This includes maintaining social distancing practices, wearing masks, and prohibiting the use of communal school supplies.

For districts with limited budgets, this can pose a problem, especially when it comes to learning equipment like headphones. Where it was once possible to save money by having students share classroom sets of headphones for listening centers, language labs, and more, this is not always the most feasible solution in the age of COVID-19 precautions. While it is still certainly possible to properly sanitize headphones after each use, it is not always the most practical solution for teachers in the middle of a busy school day.

This year, many school districts are adding equipment like headphones to their school supply lists in an effort to ensure that each child has their own set for in-class activities. For parents, however, this can pose a dilemma: is it possible to find a set of student headphones that are affordable without sacrificing quality?

In a word, yes! Headsets like these Chromebook headphones with a microphone are quickly becoming a favorite among teachers and parents alike, as they are cost-effective yet high-quality. Your students will enjoy the comfort of these headphones, and will benefit from the focused, distraction-free environment they provide in even the busiest classroom. 

Best of all, thanks to the “disposable” nature of these headphones, it’s not the end of the world if a child loses their set. The affordable price point of the headphones makes them easy to replace if your student misplaces them or damages them in some way- very good news for parents or teachers who are trying to provide kids with the tools they need without breaking the bank!

This school year, kids are expected to have an in-class experience that looks and feels a lot more like normal. As they get back into the groove of attending school, it’s up to us to make sure they’re still being kept safe, and it all starts with ensuring that your child brings their own headsets and other personal supplies to school on the first day.