3 Creative Ways to Keep School Headphones Organized

If you’re an educator trying to figure out an efficient approach for storing school headsets, this article was created specifically with you in mind. With the limited floor space of a classroom having to be used for multiple purposes, finding a way to properly organize the headphones can be challenging. But, by putting a few creative solutions into play, it’s possible to keep your area in order while also protecting against tangled cords, messiness and the spread of germs and head lice.

Create a Headphone Hanger

With an inexpensive over-the-door shoe organizer, you can put an end to disorganized school headphones in your classroom! Write each student’s name on a pocket of the organizer, and voila! Your own custom Chromebook headphone hanger is now ready! Students can easily slip their headphones into their designated pocket when listening time is done. Best of all, you can help prevent the spread of lice by choosing an organizer with plastic pockets instead of mesh. 

Bag It Up

Whether it’s school headphones for your entire class or something else, a Ziploc bag can be all you need to store it! Give each student a Ziploc bag labeled with their names and let them decorate them however they choose. Next, have your students put their headphones in their personalized Ziploc bags after each use. These bags can then be stored in a medium-sized shoe box or plastic bin. If necessary, enlist the assistance of a classroom monitor to pick up and distribute headphones each time you use them.

Tackle Messiness With a Tackle Box

Originally made to store fishing lures, hooks, and bait, tackle boxes and plastic divider boxes have been used for craft storage for decades! They also make an ideal storage container for your class set of school headphones or earbuds. To ensure that all your headphones are tangle-free, simply coil them into the spaces in your tackle box, secure with a twist tie, and label them with the student’s name. This will keep them safe and protected between uses, not to mention spare you from the jumble of cords on the table or floor!

Keeping your class set of school headsets organized will help you maintain a cleaner, more organized classroom, as well as minimize headaches that come with passing out and collecting the headphones after each use. By maintaining a well-organized storage system for your headphones, you can incorporate listening into lessons, music, and more every day. Try these organization ideas in your classroom and see which one works best for you!

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